Why We ❤️ Performance Fabrics

Some people have dogs that live outdoors. We’re not those people. At Fursatile Décor we are all about letting our pups have free range of our home, even if that means walking on carpets and jumping on couches. It’s risky business, letting our critters in the house. Endless fur balls, muddy paw prints, little accidents, oh my!

Don’t fear the fluff! Performance fabrics are here to make life with pets easy as the perfect fabrics for pet owners! Made out of materials that can withstand the fur, the mud, and whatever else we encounter as pet parents.

During product development, we  consider 3 important things when picking fabrics for the Signature Step Ottoman and Protective Cover. 1) How the material withstands being soiled, 2) how durable the fabric is with clawing and chewing, and 3) chicness!

We look for low maintenance, high fashion, and durable fabrics. Performance Fabrics check all the boxes! But what is a performance fabric and what makes it different from regular fabrics? What makes Fursatile products so special?!



Most performance fabrics have stain resistant technology  and can be wiped clean with something as simple as a wet paper towel. Some performance fabrics are even bleach-able. With all the advanced engineering of performance fabrics, you don’t have to worry about your fur-babies napping on your bed or jumping on your couch!  Let’s face it, pets are part of the family & normal fabrics just won’t cut it anymore!

As a pet loving company, Fursatile Décor prioritizes the use of performance fabrics to make living with pets easy and beautiful. The use of performance fabrics on the Step Ottoman and Protective Cover are  exclusively used by Fursatile for the purpose of making pet friendly home décor.

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