About Us | Say Hello to Jenny!

We are so excited to launch fursaSTYLE: your blog space for all things design, inspiration, and tips & tricks for living beautifully with pets! You may be scratching your head trying to figure out how all of this started. Keep reading to find out!


For as long as I can remember I've always loved beautiful spaces. There is nothing like walking into a room that has impeccable style. A place where each piece has been perfectly appointed.  In 2015, I met a new love - a sweet little puppy named Cooper.  As most of you know, having a pet in the home, isn't always conducive to the picture-perfect rooms we dream of.  In fact, I imagine that most of us were forced to sacrifice style when our furry little friend walked through the door.  I know, I did. Is it because I suddenly loss my passion for living beautifully? Of course not.

Unfortunately, most of the products I found had drab colors, silly patterns and were not very functional. Perfect for decorating a dog’s house – but not the kind of home I wanted for me and my fur-baby.  I needed furnishings that were created for both of us - stylish enough for me and functional enough for him. We needed products that were versatile, thus the inspiration behind Fursatile!

The lack of products on the market and difficulty to find pet friendly furniture was just the taking off point.  Designing, prototyping, and manufacturing were all tasks I took on as I launched my start-up as a one-woman show! My mission with Fursatile Décor is to create beautiful and functional products for the entire family; connecting people and pets in a casually elegant setting. Born out of a love for stylish spaces and the joy that comes from living with pets!
I started Fursatile because I believe you can have it all. A luxurious home with stylish, yet functional, and pet-friendly décor. Live with Pets Beautifully!!



With my mission in mind, Fursatile Décor launched its first product: The Signature Step Ottoman. By making it easier for pets to be a part of the family, the step ottoman was just the beginning as I have worked tiredlessly to develop products for the Fursatile family that suit everybody’s needs. As a start-up, I have dedicated myself to providing customers with the most luxurious and durable products as well as easy shopping experience. Throughout the journey, Cooper is always by my side. The fursaStyle Blog is the next step in expanding the Fursatile dream – keep up to date with the process and inspiration!

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