Spotlight | The Oprah Magazine

What can we say? Oprah knows best! And this past year we were thrilled to be a part of The O List: Pet Edition. The Fursatile Step Ottoman that you all know and love has been recognized as one of the perfect gifts for all your fur-babies as of October 2020!

“Up Where We Belong: Give fur-babies a luxurious boost with white-lacquer wood ottomans that transform into stairs, extra seating, and tables. One small step for your shih tzu, one giant leap onto the bed for shih tzu-kind!” 


We are so honored to be included in the pet gift guide, featured alongside many wonderful companies. Check out the other featured brands below!

Washer and dryer-safe stuffed toys, made with 100 percent recycled plastic! The toy sets very in style, purpose, and durability – and are sure to keep your pet entertained!

Sweater Hound
These custom designed cotton-blend sweaters feature your own fur-babies in cartoon form. So next time you don’t want to leave your pet at home, just throw on one of their many products to choose from so your babies are always with you! 

Trill Paws  
This pet accessory brand is sure to keep your pet looking stylish and chic! Offering gold-plated enamel charms with witty messages (along with many other products to choose from) helps to add some spice to your pets more basic wardrobe.

Congratulations to all featured in Oprah Magazine’s October 2021 Gift Guide: Pet Edition!