Product Talk: Why our Ottomans are a "Step" Above the Rest

Product Talk: Why the Fursatile Ottoman is a "Step" Above The Rest

At Fursatile, our mission is to provide our customers with beautiful, functional, and high-quality products that connect people and pets while creating a stylish and versatile space. Today, we are proud to launch a new series of blog posts, which we are calling ‘Product Talk’ Each blog will explain what makes the featured product so special. You will learn about the design, construction – as well as tips and tricks for using our one-of-a-kind products. 

Intro to the Signature Step Ottoman 

Say hello to the Signature Step Ottoman! Crafted with an obsessive attention to detail for people and pets, this piece can transform effortlessly into several configurations including luxury pet stairs, kid steps, tables, and extra seating. Each piece is beautifully finished and can be upholstered in one of the Fursatile performance fabrics or you provide your own fabric! We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of quality custom-upholstered furniture paired with exceptional customer service and customization capabilities.


Our patented design gives the illusion of a single piece of furniture, but it’s actually three independent ottomans that are attached by tongue and groove glides -- but each ottoman can also be fully detached with ease and arranged in a number of configurations.  When attached, the “glides” provide stability and also minimize the movement of the mini-ottomans when used to elevate people and pets to a different level. Depending on your needs, the lower ottomans can be pulled out a little or a lot. Each of the ottomans have an extended piece of material on the sides. The front piece of each ottoman is slightly shorter than the sides, which allows you to place one hand under the front of the tallest ottoman and one hand under the back of the tallest ottoman, making it easy to transport as one complete piece. Also, it is super important to always move the ottomans upright for your safety (as well as any furry friends or kiddos that may be under foot). Remember, when attached, the glides minimize, but do not fully eliminate product movement. There is no locking mechanism, so the ottomans could shift when being carried or moved from room to room. Please Note: Only you can truly know what configuration works best for your family and home. This product could move, slip, or tip, so please be careful and do not leave children or pets attended. 


Every Signature Step Ottoman is made to order in Hickory, North Carolina. It is not mass produced. The frame is quality-constructed using furniture-grade hardwood and is painted and finished only when we receive your customized order. For increased stability, we use double-doweled joints and corner bracing. Removable bumpers have been added to each leg to provide extra traction, but they can also be removed depending on your needs. For instance, if you are using the Step Ottoman in a carpeted area you may opt to remove the rubbers bumpers. If you are using it on a wood or tile floor, you may want to keep the rubber bumpers to reduce movement. Each ottoman top is amply padded and expertly upholstered using beautiful and durable performance fabrics that repel stains & liquids and are easy to clean.  Just a few of the reasons we have selected this fabric for our products! Stay tuned- we're working on another ‘Product Talk’ focused on performance fabrics, what they are and why we love them!

Now back to the Signature Step Ottoman!

Clever Ways to Use Your  Step Ottoman

  • Footrest: kick up your feet and enjoy some R&R

    • Tip: Use the small and medium stool to rest your feet and the largest stool to sit your coffee, glass of wine and book)

  • Step Stool: Elevates Kids who cannot reach the sink to brush their teeth.

    • Tip: keep the step ottoman in the bathroom and accent the top stool w/ accessories or towels)

  • Luxury Steps: Helps anyone in your family who needs an extra boost.

    • Tip: when used as steps for the little ones in your family, it’s also protecting your back from the  added strain and stress of having to lift them. Talk about a “win-win.” 

  • Pet Stairs: Protect your fur-babies’ joints and hips by giving them the independence they desire to get on and off the bed, bench, couch, or chair. 

    •  Tip: The Step Ottoman is great for pets of all ages and sizes.

  • Extra Seating: Provide your guests with additional seating – without cluttering your home with chairs that are only used when entertaining.

    • Tip: Decorate the top of the Step Ottoman with a beautiful tray and use it as a side table when you don’t need extra seating.  

    Our multi-purpose Step Ottoman is literally like having three pieces of furniture in one, which means endless possibilities when it comes to configurations or uses. 

    As a small business, hearing from our customers is one of our greatest joys! A “real person” reads every letter, email and social media boost. We do a little dance when you are pleased – and promptly go into problem solving mode if there’s an issue with your order or product. We appreciate you more than you'll ever know--and we're so very excited to delve into each Fursatile product and explain they "why" of what we do, and what makes our brand special. Check back for our next blog installment!