The Signature Step Ottoman | 4 Ways to Style It and Reasons To LOVE It!

Fursatile Decor is expanding its line with decorative pillows, protective pillowcases + more, but all along the way we have stayed loving our Day 1 product: The Signature Step Ottoman. Offered with customization options and designed with versatility in mind, these ottomans provide much more than a step for your pup. Choose from two base lacquers, 6 protective fabrics, or a custom pick, and your Step Ottoman will be the perfect fit to your home. Here are just a few of our ideas for how to use the Signature Step Ottoman in your home:

Bringing The Signature Step Ottoman into your home

Designed for all the small pups out there, the step ottoman has turned into so much more. The now patented design has 3 detachable ottomans, and when needed, compresses to one space saving stool. We originally envisioned the ottoman to be pet steps onto the bed. Now with the ability to customize fabrics and lacquers, there are endless ways to incorporate this ottoman into your everyday!

Perfecting seating for the kids! Our furry friends aren’t the only ones having a hard time reaching. The step ottoman is perfect for all of our little legged friends. Add the Signature Step Ottoman to your kitchen or living room to help your little ones reach new heights!

How cute would the step ottoman look in this Edith-Anne Duncan designed vanity? The protective fabrics make it easy to clean with any beauty or bathroom disasters and will be perfect to sit and enjoy getting ready for the day!

Choose from any of our performance fabrics to make your ottoman that much more durable.

A no-brainer for any den or living room. The step ottoman is built with a cushion top, making it the perfect footrest after a long day. One ottoman and 3 sizes to choose from! 

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